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Hard UV Resin (Grey)


Let´s jump to the results immediately. This resin costs 45€ p/kg and is suitable to be used with a Form 1+ resin setting FLGPGR02 (Formlabs Grey Ver. 2). Unfortunately, the printed model to test this resin has low poly count, to exacerbate even more, it´s circular and we can clearly see the flat faces around the perimeter, therefore I can´t say for now how good is this resin to capture fine details, but I´m not impressed. It was used IPA to post process the part, this is because I suspect that to successfully clean the part using only water it´s required to use ultrasonic bath´s.

My First Procedure

I´ll leave notes on this first attempt for future reference, and I will update this thread with newer procedures to develop a systematic approach to successfully print those challenging parts with small details and thin walls.

Procedure nº1 (no resin on the tank)
  • Shake the bottle vigorously.
  • Ensure the VAT is clean and that existing clouding will not affect the print.
  • Pour the resin slowly in the tank, preferably on a corner.
  • I used the formlabs funnel as a test part.
  • For the first attempt it was used 100micron layer height and as material the formlabs resin grey version 02 (FLGPGR02).
  • After printing, 1st IPA Bath during 5min and whirling the part inside the bath.
  • Then a 2nd (clean) IPA Bath for 2min.
  • Leave it to dry and then wash it with water.
  • Post curing with UV light approximately for 60min.

Resin Bottle
Preform Settings
Funnel on Preform
Form 1+ Printing
2nd IPA Bath
Before Post Curing
Post Curing
After Post Curing
Final After Trimming

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Photocentric Resin


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